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Just in Case

Just In Case

Just In Case


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Overweight Dyslexic Attention-Whore Fascist Embarasses Herself

fat turd doesn't understand basics of mirror image reversal

I'd stay away from mirrors too.

So it seems this chubby mythomaniac (Ashley Todd) invented a black slasher and live-blogged a faked attack from the “wrong side” of Pittsburgh.

A glance at her blog and you can tell that this hefty Texan is fond of both kinds of Whopper. She writes, of a weekend in scummy, liberal New York:

So, I had an interesting time in my second time in NY. Finding a hotel was hard, since the UN was meeting, and the only Kinds were very skeezy. And i paid 200 bucks for the honour of staying in these usually “by the hour” type places…Ew.

In Manhattan? Really? In the 1970’s, I suppose..? Poor Ashley has been incarcerated in her gated community for so many years wathcing 1980’s movies about suburban babysitters adventuring into New York-by-night to save children from lesbian child pimps and etc…

Here are some more pictures of her Junior Fascist League friends working out their provincial sexual frustrations by, for example, cavorting as folkloric and racist stereotypes:

NDLR:  Seems COLLEGE REPUBLICANS have decided to scrub clean their flickr pages of all things Ash Todd.

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“High” Camp

Cindy McCain is an American EveryLady, Famous for her natural beauty and understated style.

Cindy McCain is an American EveryLady, Famous for her natural beauty and understated style.

Listening to Governor Palin’s gurgles, I feel like someone is working a very fine, steel wire into my spine. I’d need some of Lady McCain’s vicodin to get through ten more minutes of hiccuppy retorts from that … animated chignon.

Have you seen THE VIEW?

Those women (though not brain dead former reality show zero, E. Hasselbeck, the right-wing demon on the show’s shoulder) asked him some of the most difficult questions I’ve heard at any point in this odious spectacle.

The clips are below. There are four, I think; stick around for the appearance by a narco-zombified Lady McCain, in all her Sportswear-by-St-John, Valium-bot, barbiturate-barbie, “high” camp :

She REFUSES to give Barbara an exact house count!

And the Xanax-zaniness doesn’t stop there…

Some Gems:

  • According to a frail and chalky Senator McCrazy, Sarah Palin is the most popular governor in America. It seems giving out 2,000 dollar checks to all of your constituents helps you in elections. Pitbull Palin also wrested 27,000,000 in federal earmarks for the worthy 10, 000 citizens of Wasilla (that’s 2,700 in federal spending—money from the “lower forty-eight”—per head).
  • The Democrats have been in charge of both houses of congress for two years and they’re the ones who really screwed up.
  • Sarah Palin is going to reform all of Washington…
  • Would Sarah Palin enslave Whoopi Goldberg?

The View averages 3.4 million viewers daily.


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